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MTI Sakura Japanese Crescent Tub

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Experience Restorative Soaking

In the Asian cultures that pioneered it, soaking isn’t synonymous with bathing. Bathing is a hygienic process, while soaking is an experience. A soak calls for a hotter water temperature than normal baths, reminiscent of the practice’s origins in volcanic hot springs.

This beautiful freestanding tub features a traditional Japanese design and offers a generous interior space, a crescent-shaped seat, and integrated slotted overflow. It’s handcrafted using SculptureStone–an elegant, unique form of molded stone.


Discover How to Let Go

Sinking into warm water, allowing it to envelop your neck and shoulders while opening your pores, eases your body into relaxed state. Loosening your muscles is especially comforting before bed. In the morning, this warm soak recharges your mind, helping you mentally prepare for the day.


Other Benefits

Not only is this tub beautiful, its chip-resistant material resists stains, mold, and mildew, making maintenance easy.

It fits up to 2 people.


Pairs Well With

Essential Oils
Arnica Bath Oil
Mineral Bath Salts
Soft Music

MTI Boutique Tub Table (Item# C1006T)

Options & Specifications 

Can be purchased with a rolled or flat rim. Varied Halo Sink model options available. Optional teak tub tray also available for Halo Sink models. SculptureStone™ material available in Matte or Gloss.

Model No.: 211
Exterior: 52" L x 52" W x 26" H
Bottom Interior: 38"
Back Rest Angle: 105º
Drain Type: Center

*Not undermountable or shower suitable.


Expected to Ship Within 14 Days.

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