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PressoMassage, Lx7 max System

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Following the principles of lymphatic drainage, or pressotherapy, the Pressomassage LX7Max Drainage System from Arosha® applies a wave of pressure to the subdermal tissue, from the base of the limbs and up the body. The sensation is similar to a relaxing massage and promotes a natural feeling of relaxation and wellness, perfect after workouts. Additionally, it reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Its medical-grade fabric and easy to control, digital interface make this Class II FDA approved equipment suitable for home use. Includes central device, 2 leg cuffs with 4 chambers, 1 tube with a single outlet, 1 tube with two outlets, and one hose splitter.


  • 40w
  • 10.23" W x 7.08" D x 5.11" H
  • 4.4 lbs.

Leg Cuffs:
  • 4-channel
  • 38" L x 28" D
  • Zipper close

Waist Sleeve
  • 4-channel
  • 52" L x 15" D
  • Velcro® closure

Double Tubing:
  • 11" L

Single Tubing:
  • 77" L


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