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Meditation Meets Oxygen Therapy

The 02Chair’s built-in breath routines guide and encourage breathing through the diaphragm rather than the chest. This technique, strongly linked with yoga and meditation practices, has been shown to lower the heart rate, improve muscle stability, and promote deeper states of relaxation.

Lie back in zero gravity comfort and take an active role in conscious, deep breathing exercises. The 02Chair features highly concentrated oxygen, compounding effectiveness (no tank), onboard tablet with guides, a zero-gravity experience, swing functionality, guided breathing exercises, soothing sounds and instruction, relaxing heat, and a power nap and wake up feature.

How It Works

  1. When you breathe in, the back of the chair gently moves.
  2. Your shoulders, shoulder blades, and the rib cage expand while your head slowly swings backward.
  3. This expansion increases the amount of air inhaled, thus increasing the amount of oxygen you’re receiving.
  4. When you breathe out, your back slightly sinks into the chair, and a feeling of relaxation occurs.
  5. This progressive exhalation support phase allows a better release of CO2, increasing the feeling of peace and relaxation.

More Features & Benefits

-02 Pure system provides highly concentrated oxygen, compounding effectiveness (no need for an oxygen tank).

-Onboard tablet guides you through routines.
-Rollers position your body to drive breath through your abdomen.
-Heating system relieves stiff muscles.
-Zero-gravity swing reduces pressure on the spine while helping you to relax.

Optimal Breathing

Increases physical energy
Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
Reduces lactic acid in muscles and blood
Balances O2 and CO2 levels in the blood
Strengthens the immune system
Enhances creativity and learning ability
Leads to physical relaxation
Relieves anxiety
Improves blood circulation


Dimensions: 40” L x 33” W x 46” H"
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
Certifications: FDA Registered
Installed By: Factory Installed

Expected to Ship Within 7 Days.

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