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Herbal Comfort & Luxurious Fabrics Inspire Relaxation

Kozi products are designed to distribute weight and apply pressure in ways that foster ergonomic health and deep relaxation. Each one is filled with an herbal blend for aromatherapy, and flax seeds for weight and contouring. Created with longevity in mind, Kozi wraps, masks, and pillows feature ultra durable fabrics and expert craftsmanship.

Neck & Shoulder Wraps

Indulge tired muscles with wraps designed to target stress points, relieving tension with uplifting aromas.

Back Wrap

Enjoy hot or cold therapy across your entire back–without having to lie down.

Eye Masks & Eye Pillows

Close your eyes and allow these soothing eye masks and pillows to support restful downtime.

Premium Fabrics

For a truly relaxing experience, we chose a serene color palette to complement our exceedingly soft fabrics of sumptuous velour and silky-smooth twill.  

Neck & Shoulder Wraps  

These thoughtfully designed wraps target stress points on your upper body, helping to relieve tension with comforting warmth and uplifting aromas.

Comforting Shoulder Wrap

Experience relief deep within your shoulder blades with this ergonomically weighted wrap.

Neck Wrap

Release tightness at the base of the skull with this wrap, designed for long periods of enjoyment.

Décolleté Neck Wrap

Soothe sore pectoral muscles or breasts with this perfectly weighted, cozy wrap.

Back Wrap

This "weighted blanket" was made for the spine and the muscles from the shoulders down to the lower back. Its unique design allows it to stay in place while you walk, sit, or stand, adding therapeutic weight to the entire torso. No need to lie down to enjoy it. An excellent choice for hot or cold therapy, this amazing wrap is perfect for use at home, in the office, or even while driving.

Eye Masks & Eye Pillows

When chilled, these masks and pillows encourage you to unwind by offering refreshing coolness for tired eyes.

Restoring Eye Mask

Wake up feeling well-rested This mask offers a total blackout from light, while its special herbal blend invites peaceful stillness.

Rejuvenating Eye Pillow

Use this pillow as a treatment to help relieve sinus discomfort, as its weight opens passages. For puffy eyes, place it in the freezer for 30 minutes prior to use.

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